About this Website

Training and continuing education in surgical pathology relies on the availability of characteristic case material that is presented in form of histological slides and educational slide series. The technology of virtual microscopy has facilitated the collection and dissemination of such imaging material a lot, and the collection of hundreds and thousands of cases that are useful for teaching and reference purposes has become feasible. As in other fields of science, pathology is based on the knowledge of the experts in the field and Dr. Rosai was one of the most eminent surgical pathologists worldwide, and the author of multiple standard textbooks in pathology. His immense series of annotated seminar cases is unique in its kind, and provides a repository of typical, rare, and also very unusual cases for the whole pathology community.

In a joint project, the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) and Aperio Inc. digitized most of this material and made it freely available over the internet through the Rosai’s Collection website . Here we present the same case material in a different format, that is easier to navigate and search then the original website. All digital slides are hosted with Aperio on their SecondSlide servers. This website is not affiliated with Aperio or with the USCAP.